Human Physiology for BDS by AK Jain

Human Physiology for BDS by AK Jain

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ISBN 9788177394337

The additional sailent features of the book are:

1.The entire text has been thoroighly revised and updatedwith incorporation of new relevant information at appropriate places.
2.Specific learning objectives i.e. must know areas of the study have also been added.
3.More study questions, coloured figures, flow charts and tables have been added for easy understanding.
4.More multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) have been added at the end of each chapter. This would faciliate self-assesment and quick review of the text. It will also help students in the preparation of various competitive examinations.
5.Many more clinical pictures have also been added for better understanding of clinical concepts.
6.A quick preview has been given at the beginning of each chapter.
7.Important issues have been highlighted by using italics, bold letters or pin-pointing important notes in boxes.
8.A detailed index has been meticulously prepared to search out any text content easily.
9.This book contains 81 tables, more than 350 study questions, about 800 MCQs and 400 figures including flow charts.

I strongly feel that my students are my teachers and their healthy suggestion/criticism will be of great help in future improvement of this textbook.


AuthorAk Jain

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